What is a township?


A township is the generic name for one of the many areas in South Africa that were designated for black and colored (mixed race) Africans before the apartheid era.

Townships were originally dormitory towns for men brought into the cities to work in factories, mines and other industries.   In time, wives and children were permitted to join their husbands.

Today, townships are essentially “suburbs” of the bigger cities.

Langa is the oldest township in Cape Town and was the location of much resistance to apartheid.


What is a township tour?


As the name implies, a township tour is a guided tour of a township that provides you with an close-up view of how the township residents really live.

Many people who take the tours say they have never seen anything quite like it and remember the experience for years to come.


Who will conduct the tour?


All our tours are conducted by Registered and Qualified Tour Guides who have also grown up in the Langa township.    Siviwe Tours is a locally-owned business that provides opportunities and employment to people in the township and we aim to show our guests not only the challenges but many of the exciting developments that are taking place in Langa.


How long will it take?


We offer a range of tour options – the most popular is an approximately 2-hour walking tour which incorporates the main sights and provides a background on the history and development of the township. If you book a tour with pick up; the transfer time will be added on this.


Will we meet the locals?


Absolutely!  This tour is aimed at meeting and interacting with real people in the townships.


What will we see?


What you’ll see on every tour is different, but common sights include: local shops and restaurants, the different socio-economic areas within the Langa township, civic and community buildings and so on.


How much does it cost?


Prices for the 2-hour walking tour:

R350.00 per person if you have your own transport and can make your way to our meeting point in Langa.

R550.00 per person including two-way transfers within the Cape Town area.

Private tours on request.

Example 2 hour Private Tour:

1-3 people - R1350.00 per tour with your own transport.

1-3 people - R2150.00 including pick up and drop off.


Are you able to customise the tour?


Yes, we are very flexible and are happy to customise your private tour if you have special interests e.g. education, health care, orphanages, social issues, cultural centres, music etc.


What does the local community think of tourists and tourism?


The local people are welcoming of tourists and tourism. They both benefit and learn a lot from meeting the visitors who come to Langa.


What should I bring/not bring with me?


Bring an open mind. Do not bring valuables, such as big cameras. You can bring your phone or a small camera to take photos. Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking.


Is it easy to reach?


Yes, Langa is geographically very close to the centre of Cape Town. It takes about 15 minutes to drive without traffic.You can reach Langa by taking Exit 12 off the N2 highway coming out of Cape Town.

More detailed directions are provided under 'Contact Us'. We also provide detailed directions when you book a tour – If you do not have your own transport or you don't want to drive we can pick you up at your hotel/home and drop you off as well in the Cape Town area.


Why should I choose your tour company?


Unlike many other township tour companies, Siviwe Tours is a locally-owned and run operation that employs local people and is aimed at spreading understanding of our community and helping our community to develop.   Tour fees go into employing local people and enhancing local businesses.

All our guides are fully qualified – we are big enough to accommodate your requirements and small enough to customise tours to match your interests.